Brown baby goat

Why don’t we get a white history month?

If you’re white and you’ve said this, congrats, you’re a white supremacist scum bag. The contributions of white people and white people in general are praised and glorified in school, the media and even in non-white countries 24/7 365 days a year. You don’t need a damn month.If you want more, when you already have so much is nothing short of narcissism, greed and you’re probably one ignorant fucker that doesn’t even know history that well. Every Black history month, many white people collectively throw tantrums about Black history month. I love how so many people forget 99% of the people they’ve learned about or will learn in white history class (better known as just ‘history’) is white. 

The only question i want to ask white people that don’t like Black history month is… 

( All those gifs featured Black people on purpose )


Only Black people get their own month

That’s a damn lie. LIE! LIE! LIE! Stop lying. Google and you’ll see your ass is rong.


Why do we need a Black history month? 

Name 10 Black people you’ve learned about in school history class that isn’t Malcolm X, Rosa Parks or MLK. I’ll wait.


Why can’t i be proud of being white?

White pride typically results (and is about) in genocide, rape and destruction. You can be proud of that if you wish


But my uncle’s brother’s neighbour’s cat’s cousin is white and he got turned down for a job. 

Maybe he sucks.


But white people have struggled because they’re white though


You’re a reverse racist

When Black history month rolls around  in October, in the UK(where i live) i’m going to do my best to make some white people cry because white tears keep me young and fresh

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